Monday, April 8, 2024


13 may


As i attempt to find an undisturbed workspace plus set up some provisional collaboration (mutual benefit - using an electrical socket in a stationary quiet place) in respect of someone who is attempting to design a template for a shared land use scheme .... 

Probably my own presentation will have to be put on hold.... as once again i  remain not quite fully engaged in what i wish to only be doing.  Merely as one has to compromise unfortunately and divert time/energy to another's easy project  airgapped from my purpose,  but it takes from my concentration merely on my own material, all i want to do

THIS PAGE really will be much improved by I hope around 7  May - takes me time due no electrical socket (and the libraries of the region i inhabit are sick madhouses of endless shoutiness  - indeed a perfect metaphor FOR UK society, so i cannot concentrate there) , but there's already more than anyone else gives. Meaning credentials, bio, and assurances of  no fraud, or lying, or self aggrandisement.

This page (and google id) is sort of temporary  - only for a few months prior to moving ALL my material to the new permanent website below.

This page will be improved by 7 May  - material already written to upload here, soon.

A longer waffle is in this from 27 April

I am setting up specifically for the writing (and MUCH evidence in audios over 15 years) on, sadly,  environmentalism sham - seen day after day from the INSIDE,  a new stand alone website called where stories and recordings will be gradually added to as a repository of the eco fraud REALITY.

This google id will by mid summer  be moved into that new site

I launched a major (public) counteroffensive 26 April against the worst of pseud greenwashing by 'environmentalISTS' of the Hay-on-Wye region.


 For simplicity, but it is wrong as a term 'greenwash'  - I say so as (lifetime) but my last 15 years especially focused on environmental and nature-protection 'causes' in the (MOST BBC covered area of the UK AS ENVIRONMENTAL SYMBOL) Wye valley region it is sadly only the environmentalISTS who allowed complete eco destruction to have occurred there from around 15 years ago...previously West Herefordshire was England's most biodiverse and  healthy ecosystem. I need to tell that tale properly now.    IN short they - my people in theory,  simply did nothing real  - meaning engage in the well understood democratic checks and balances, to hold back  greedy rapacious development. (BOTH domestic -  repurposing so may old farm outbuildings and newbuild  - causing population to roughly double in 20 years without improved waste removal systems  - meaning home sceptic tank upgrade as most rural properties are not in the municipal system , and also trebling or more of 'factory' farming)... aside the country's most symbolic nature repository of a river 

12 April 2024 FOOTNOTE. I only operate IN and with the daylight... i am the opposite of a MM  - see from this January for definition of Maggiemermaid - sadly the vampiric vapid reason that environmentalism ALL failed..

11 April 2024 launch of funding drive

dedicated unpaid environmentalist for 15+ years.  From 2019 decided i must write the truth of W Herefordshire and E powys 

I started to plan an expose and publish here  summer 2021 but felt so unsafe i decided i must leave the area permanently to publish a FAR fuller range of truths including eco crimes i have video evidence of by highups in the council (at their own land) 

so decided to halt until i left the region.

I began to publish a range of material naming names on and 

from early spring 2023. Both of those sites have very good regular readership. ( and a successful slow growing REAL youtube channel  @ralphschism - i have never promoted the growth - its all word of mouth and i have no social media and few friends :-) 

The last year has been tough running out of money entirely and no reliable work where i have moved to.

Any assistance either 

Stripe (v safe) preferable.  The link  to my Stripe account is on this page

(obviously my site if you look back over the last year many videos etc)

or paypal

paypal id =  @simonclayton2021

In here via new write ups and links to many existing online pages, stories, videos, audios you will find more biographical and personal info than you will have ever seen connected to any funding pitch. If you cannot 'trust' me to be who i am, and dedicated to my projects i don't know who you can...  I have been told various times over 15 years i can write beautifully (by London high culture operators) and communicate with quite unique poetical energy. But it's all woven in with  range of duller prosaic stuff, so it will take me a while to lay out  

THIS PAGE - my MAIN new starting point page for beggingbowls, and other assistance, and it will be MUCH improved /edited by about 15 April 2024

 and finalised by around 1st May 2024

do come back, though there is tons to wade through and much good free content already (on and from 2020 more seriously framed )

 This new higher level site - no one has ever been linked to prior today, is about what next..

Only the crowdfund traffic  sees it, from 10 April 2024) 

I have a range of pitch material made the last few months and already on youtube and my website  - links organised soon, with new audios and videos about my work past and intended.

In short, my whole last 7 years that i wish to weave into various material for publication - some straightforward how-to (e.g. live well on nothing whilst 3 years homeless, and seven years MAIN occupation rambling around developing pro EU rhetoric ), some poetical and Proustian; but above all is to foster a NEVER moan, fighting spirit via words and some homemade broadcast. 

ALL always has a silver lining. But i don't do cheesy, fake  'feel good'. I do feel good for adults, who have lived... even through several hells. And want to pass on to the next generation how to fight and not be brought to your knees, even losing I have.

I am self taught, only...and am lucky, i left my mark...

Projects many years meandering into, and sketching out, now to  focus on fully:


It is so much nicer and less angsty to sit with pen and paper, rather than ever worry about laptop battery drain.

Several more pages of write up coming soon.


11 april 2024

these are audios explaining my overall ethos - objective, and several projects discussed with others' today.

in virus free google drive filestore playable in windows (mac ??)

voice 190 11april2024

IN HERE, two files (i have thousands like this) where i share thoughts about a project ongoing to advise a well known woman of how to seek wider redress after a troubling episode. And then run the thing by a many year friend of mine.  I shall turn this into a pamphlet or full essay one day.

I should bleep her but i trust you! 

voice 186 and 187 11 apr 2024

This page - my (safe) first point of contact page,  may be necessary as although i have NO 'enemies' even the UK government hated me for solo reform of a legal culture 2006 see  and then in April 2009 i embarrassed in public the Minister of Justice, "hoodwinker" Straw. Lets just say they encouraged certain people to try and destroy my spirit. They failed. 

My nationally significant work then - i was always operating alone,  certainly protected many many thousands of parents - mainly mothers, from the worst of UK state cruelty. 

But i am careful as to layers of backup  - as i dont wat to lose my scrappy online writing.

   As there is much unique content within.

And even poetical writing - my only true love. I wish to improve but need time and space.

I started to ponder getting funded in this mode - simply landloping and as i go writing waffling memoir BUT also some truly good psychology, law etc...

I began these pages a few months ago, to be completed soon. No one has ever paid me a penny.

I have lived ONLY on £100/week for everything, for 10  years... as i started to focus on a wandering George Borow type wandering bard investigation of who we, and I...really are... whilst running various causes: pro EU, Green...and others.

( I HAVE PERFECT trust credentials - all my whole life every second is already in audios on plus also various pledges " on my daughter's life" ... i cannot lie. My health is perfect, i have no bad habits etc... something will go up on that soon, already made - i even have references from 4 officials in Christian churches - they will appear soon... they are readers of my site and morally support me,  despite me being rather cheeky about their religion - i do not follow...though believe in 'something' ineffable..)

i shall soon itemise every penny i need. To keep going only in the most humble fashion. I am VERY good at admin.

i used to operate online so so methodically and looking for sensitive 'protocols' to follow... meaning what is the current 'acceptable' way of doing things?  Nowadays GET ON WITH IT....

One example and a way i am likely to have considerable online (news) attention is here.

i tried a 'pitch' a week ago with an acquaintance, on the ethics of me attempting to intervene on a nationally significant future major legal case, described here. And with fruity audios.

I have already announced to various gossips i am doing this heretical act, sabotaging the major legal case. Already there will be talk. I shall formally launch the TRUTH into the matter by early May.

I will be putting credentials here soon - copies of my bank statements (never anything in for 20 years) driving license etc etc..


i am 100% transparent

but i no longer have time tow waste so i shall probably try a few funding sites in parallel and put all the links here - i.e. total transparency....  and NOTIME to read terms and conditions...

launched mid April

( i have no ongoing social media or  digital reach beyond which has ONLY been passed on face-to-face the last year, so i have to just try and chuck campaigns around. Perhaps someone browsing these sites may find me - i literally am virgin... in this new life sought  - funding it - or rather i seek to continue, after my first year as wandering scribe...)


(just creating these campaigns a hilarious miracle - NO address!...  no plug... laptop balanced on knee  - terrible winds and rains uk so far in April)


NB i need collaborators 

 got to

and down the page to  the link to 'EFFICIENCY' 

i need a helper or two to write up /promote a nationally newsworthy campaign i alone am starting  (april 2024)- to expose the fraud of uk's main eco legal case this decade. (may get rightful publicity to my work EXPOSING... UK leading public intellectual AC Grayling told me to my face in May 2019  i should write this truth of it is the TRUTH of  [disastrously failed] 'environmentalism' - that interview i shall publish here soon)

help needed

(07958 5 two 6 3 eight 1 my number)  

THIS IS THE 'STANDARD' PITCH I HAVE PUT ON CROWDFUND SITES copied out again here - to be improved in time

 Profile pic is 2021 me on Offa’s Dyke -  where I lived the last 10 years, by Kington, pointing at the nearby site of terrible 2020 wildlife crime (I was nature steward of the region). I had to leave that my 25 year past home, forever, to now openly refer to it even in poems,  or I would have been hurt by the perp’s henchmen, , or worse.



Hi my name is Simon. I operate online at the penname website Most openly, and i was well known- nationally. (more GOOD press than bad… all that matters… I am known personally to a range of senior establishment journalists for example,  who maybe will be giving me references soon for this funding attempt)

I live very very frugally off grid 3 years, and  am now for the first time, attempting to get funds, advances, or practical help, to ONLY write / create, for the rest of my life (superb health).

 Due strained circs i will write fully here new thoughts to share for possible patrons (only) , explaining in fullest detail and my projects for now and you will see all that is  here,  duplicated there plus a  LOT more, and many links to my as yet first draft work - 100s of hours, thousands of pages are online all for free.

(including stories - as I decry all fraud and illusion, of how people in my 20+ year local  community of Hay-on-wye  - until 2014 - centre of supposed goody goodies [‘Guardian reader, ultra ‘woke’] ,  fraudulently use crowdfunding in an appalling fake way, from late 10s but   espesh 2020 – I have many examples to publish soon of this, as I decry fraud )

For 20 years i have been one of UK's most successful real (not armchair) legal, then environmental activists. I have taken real personal risks, and even suffered GREATLY. But i would not have my life one second different. This includes being arguably the most successful UK Freedom of Speech legal campaigner. I, alone, 2005-6, changed a law that affects more citizens than any other and more legal cases in the main London courts (Royal Courts of Justice ).


I am now trying to only spend the next decade writing various books and essays on my various journeys and adding to a large well-read collection of poetical postings, and audio/video reflections. All, thus far for free (my full time occupation). Much of the future writing is already in audios and videos made on the hoof the last 12 months at and it needs editing improving and separating out into 4or 5 separate books. 


I need to buy a few months stationary somewhere with a quiet electrical socket, to edit. I live near 3  years most happily on extremely low budget  only in a small van (only writing the last 18 mths) . No electrical power, heat or facilities. Indeed this has been a central (NOT feeling sorry for self) part of the recent best ever ‘journey’ – becoming entirely free of distraction, to become more poetical  and even funny.

But with limited access to laptop power  all takes time.

 I will be improving this pitch by 1st May. 

I have many readers at ralphschism and (without ANY social media or friends ever helping spread my content) including 300 new subscribers 1000,000 views in the last 6 months at the youtube channel associated. 

I am rebooting everything ONLY for patrons, here, if I find them - and new exclusive content ONLY goes to readers of my crowdfund (s, probably)

My previous readers will not even know of that new site. I literally write (the last year)  around 6 books consecutively bit by bit – often thus far interwoven  in stories and audios, but  I need to unravel and reweave as separate colourful tapestries.


i will be using as update page (for this campaign)

because my time at laptop is so limited it is more efficient for me at the moment

Anyone may even call me 0600-1900 7 days my number on sites


. I also seek some collaboration - hard to find as i live rural out of the way parochial places. Presently the Cornish Coast.

 I could use assistance   i have NO 'privacy' setting myself - meaning no fear  of prying, nor fear of naughtiness, even hacking, as all my material is treble backed up (and silo'd) and no one could harm me  (i take precautions - there are many nutjobs out there) ... I am currently one to one counselling a  famous woman -  ex very senior clergy..(i have spent a fir bit of face to face time with the last 3 months). who was stabbed in the back by her bosses...  on how to gracefully get her own 'justice' via seditious but authoritative writing...  i mention this merely as i am full time on writing/speaking about the necessary 'resistance' - but it MUST be fun..women i meet take to me AND trust me as they know i am no axe murderer, fraudster, or fake.  

NB I do have great references, one a famous high-up religious woman I am currently counselling asa  friend, after she was brutally sacked for breaking the church’s draconian no political speech rules. I am helping her think about how to get justice – at present I cannot name (she is still ill after the breakdown this act caused in her) ,I  will soon

This is a too long audio waffle on what i do, have done, wish to do, and why fund...  (AND always i seek fellow troubadours on the same page - i meet them in person, but they never follow through even having a next up of coffee...  ) 


This is nothing new (for me)

In June 2021 i decided time to let rip

But i had to keep my words secret until i left the region, behind schedule, in June 2023  - i would have been hurt for putting my name to that site